This blog will be a collection of designs that Shopaholic Chick & Dooni Designs have found on their stores and other stores. We will highlight design we find funny, creative, moving, or just otherwise catch our eye. Thanks for visiting and come back often for more great designs from!

Friday, March 06, 2015

Cootie monster

Cootie monster cardsCootie monster cards
Cootie monster cards
$2.95 USD

The cootie monster is just adorable, he is brightly colored to help protect his owner from the evil cooties!! This adorable little Kooblee is one of a kind from my collection of hand made unique Kooblees. No two are alike they are all perfect in their own special way. Each kooblee is made up of a variety of spots, dots, stripes, squiggles, squares and other simple shapes, in a random variety of co...more

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Tá grá agam duit - Irish Gaelic I love

Tá grá agam duit - Irish Gaelic I love PinTá grá agam duit - Irish Gaelic I love Pin
Tá grá agam duit - Irish Gaelic I love Pin
$3.50 USD

If you are in love then this unique design is a great way to tell someone special. Saying I love you in someone's native tongue has never been easier when you check out this great shop. Dozens of products and a variety of fonts and background in different styles and colors will make this the best gift you could ever give your love....more

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Santa plays golf

Santa plays golf coffee mugsSanta plays golf coffee mugs
Santa plays golf coffee mugs
$18.95 USD

Merry Christmas! This adorable holiday design is perfect to dress up your holiday in style! perfect as a holiday gift or just to show everyone you love this great Christmas Season....more

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Ski Jump Alien Sister

Ski Jump Alien Sister StickersSki Jump Alien Sister Stickers
Ski Jump Alien Sister Stickers
$6.00 USD

this alien girl loves to ski. if you are a skiier ski jumper or just love skiing and aliens then you will love this great design.. If you love aliens, martians or extra terrestrials then you will love this! This Alien is one of a kind and unique and wants to go home with you today! perfect as a gift for someone special or just to buy for yourself!...more

Monday, March 02, 2015

Two Grooms Heads

Two Grooms Heads EnvelopesTwo Grooms Heads Envelopes
Two Grooms Heads Envelopes
$0.95 USD

This great gift is perfect for anyone who is marrying their same sex partner, show everyone that you are in love and nothing will stop you from declaring your love. Great to show everyone you were just married, or for use as wedding favors or invitations....more