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Saturday, July 23, 2011

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Customize Your Party Goodie Bags with Promo Codes

Author: David Stack

Every good party needs a unique element to make it memorable, and usually, that function is fulfilled by something special in the goody bag. It doesn't even have to be expensive. In fact, something custom-made for the party is ideal - it's unique and affordable, a winning combination for hosts.

If you're looking for ideas for your next party but are trying to cut back on costs, make use of promo codes when customizing your items and save money on one-of-a-kind giveaways that are sure to make your parties a hit with kids and grownups alike. coupon in hand, you're ready to put together a smashing goodie bag. But before you get shopping, here are a few pointers:

* Unless it's for a huge number of people, resist the urge to buy pre-made gift bags or baskets. When you're the one who puts it together, you get to have more control over what goes into the package and how original its contents are. Also, it also costs a lot less to make goodie bags yourself than to buy them pre-made. Just make sure you have enough time to make them and that you are armed with coupons to lower the cost of the items you want to have customized, if any.

* Stick to a single theme. This will help you choose the items that will go into the basket, saving you a lot of time and bother, not to mention money. It also helps the overall look of a goodie bag.

* Do make sure all items are age-appropriate. This rule matters less when it's a party for people over 18, but it's all important for a child's party, especially if those children are toddler age. Items as well as the packaging should not have any small movable parts that a child can pry loose and swallow.

* Giveaways should be gender-neutral. Unless, of course, all the attendees are of a single gender, such as in a bridal shower.

* Make sure there's enough to go around. There's nothing more awkward than handing out a bunch of great goodie bags only to find that you're one short. Make sure you have a final head count before you start making up the packages, and always have at least one or two extra for surprise guests.

* Try to make it more eco-friendly by having either minimal to no packaging, reusable packaging, or having packaging that's already part of the giveaway. For example, personalized mugs stuffed with treats do away with the problem of excessive packaging, and are very attractive to look at to boot. Make sure your makeshift packaging is easy on the wallet by promo codes to cut your costs.

* Try to keep all the packages within a reasonably equal value range. Try to be fair to all your guests and avoid having someone feel like they got the short end of the straw.

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