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Monday, January 28, 2013

Shopaholic Chick's Inktastic Store

An eclectic mix of great designs printed on a variety of shirts and more suitable for everyone in the family. Designs for sports fans, animal lovers, children, adults and more.


16 categories and 1 Holidays/Events designs.


24 kinds of Birds.


2 kinds of Music.


8 kinds of Sports.

Sci-fi & Fantasy

3 kinds of Sci-fi & Fantasy.

Kid Designs

5 kinds of Kid Designs.


4 kinds of Food.

Go Green

10 kinds of Go Green.

Kiss me (dozens of nationalities

3 kinds of Kiss me (dozens of nationalities.

Religious Symbols

9 kinds of Religious Symbols.

Current Events

2 kinds of Current Events.

knock out

289 knock out designs.

What If....

208 What If.... designs.


153 Occupations designs.

World Cities

77 World Cities designs.

Arabian Art

67 Arabian Art designs.


191 Anime designs.

Peace Signs

97 Peace Signs designs.

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