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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

dare to be me

Maxine iPod Touch (5th Generation) CoverMaxine iPod Touch (5th Generation) Cover
Maxine iPod Touch (5th Generation) Cover
$47.95 USD

Maxine, or Maxi as her friends call her, loves to stand out from a crowd! She loves to wear bright bold colors and crazy jewelry. Her hair color changes with her mood, and almost always matches her accessories! Maxi is not afraid to be unique, she is one of a kind and she knows it! She is friends with everyone because she does not judge anyone for what they look like, only who they are inside! She...more
Willow iPod Touch 5G CoversWillow iPod Touch 5G Covers
Willow iPod Touch 5G Covers
$47.95 USD

Willow is dark and mysterious...she is often queit and keeps to herself. Some people think she is goth, although she does not consider herself to be so. She is intrigued by all that is magical and mystical. She loves fortune tellers and palm reading. She has read books about Wicca, Shamanism, and tarot cards. She believes in ghosts and angels and knows they walk among us. Halloween is her favorite...more
Faith iPod Touch (5th Generation) CoversFaith iPod Touch (5th Generation) Covers
Faith iPod Touch (5th Generation) Covers
$47.95 USD

Faith is a fashionista, she loves all styles of clothes and always wants to look impeccable! No matter where she goes she is always the one girls and guys look at for her incredible style. Faith lost all her hair a few years ago to alopecia, but that has never stopped her one bit! Hair or no hair she doesn't care! Sometimes she wears a wig, if it matches her outfit of the day, or she is cold, ...more
Alexa iPod Touch (5th Generation) CoversAlexa iPod Touch (5th Generation) Covers
Alexa iPod Touch (5th Generation) Covers
$47.95 USD

Alexa loves being a cheerleader! She has more spirit than anyone I know! She cheers for her local school, community and friends first because she knows they are the best in the world! If you play for a team whether it be basketball, football or chess she will be there to route you on and tell you what a great job you are doing! There are no losers in Alexa's book, everyone who tries their best...more
Ashley iPod Touch 5G CoversAshley iPod Touch 5G Covers
Ashley iPod Touch 5G Covers
$47.95 USD

Ashley is a beauty queen in every way, inside and out! She loves to dress up and enter pageants, and she truly wants to make the world a better place! She knows every girl should get to be a queen sometimes and has fun getting all dolled up with her friends and going out for a glamorous night, even if they just get all made up and go for a burger! Ashley is intelligent and fun, sweet and sincere. ...more

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